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This page is created to be a community board for veterans to reach out to their neighbors who can lend a hand with a ride, a job, clothing, food or furniture.
If you are looking for financial help you must fill out the Vet By Need form>>. Any post requesting help with money will be deleted by the administrator.
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Vet in Wyoming needs help

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    Vet in Wyoming needs help

    A vet I am caretaking in Casper is about to become homeless and needs help. He served from 99-2003. He is honourably discharged and disabled. His apartment complex manager decided that after 5 years his choice of a comfort pet wasn't allowed in the building he was renting from. He has a job, receives benefits but doesn't make enough to be able to put a deposit and first and last month's rent down on a place. We have reached out to American Legion they won't answer their phones or return calls, We have contacted the VSO and they are just as apt at answering the phone and returning calls. VOA is receptive to helping but since he has to be out by the 1st he may not receive help in time before he loses his place forever and is out on the street. You can email me at my address on my profile and you can contact me to call me so you know I am not scamming anyone. He has his DD-214, VA card, and his awards letter and certificate in the puffy green envelope that says he was honourably discharged. He was stationed initially in Ft. Lewis and ended his service with an injury in Georgia in the motor pool. I am trying to cover my bases so he gets the help he needs.