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This page is created to be a community board for veterans to reach out to their neighbors who can lend a hand with a ride, a job, clothing, food or furniture.
If you are looking for financial help you must fill out the Vet By Need form>>. Any post requesting help with money will be deleted by the administrator.
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Stranded out of Country

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    Stranded out of Country

    Out of country, (lockdown in Guatemala) 64 year old vet seeks return to USA preferably at veterans home (Bonham TX?)

    Rcv ssa can pay for ticket (airports closed) and up to $1800 us monhly for residence in veterans home or elsewhere. Prefer to stand and fight at some Patriots retreat like Alex jones

    Yes i know the commmunist traitors at the US guatemalan embassy arrange flights via United for evav from timt to time. You do know that THE embassy's are data collection points run by commie traitors controlled by the ChiComms? Yes,?

    Former m60 gunner, death to commies!

    Richard Stephen
    Guatemalan number and WhatsApp


    Does the embassy have a waiting list? Have you contacted VA about placement in a military center? Have you contacted your US Congressman? Are you sick or injured which might give you priority in getting back? Are other countries closed, is it possible to try a neighboring country? Just trying to brainstorm with you, I'll be happy to share your info & see if we can muster some attention. Best regards.


      Sounds like the restrictions are ending or lessening on May 5, so the good news is that you might not be in purgatory too much longer.

      Doing a little research, this info popped up on the US embassy in Guatemala:

      Not sure if you saw this as well, good info.