I am in need of dental care ASAP! I have called everywhere within a 5 hr driving radious to include Indiana. Ive called dentist. Dental programs. Community centers. Dental colleges. Etc. And had no luck. I do not have several thousands of dollars to lay on the table. I was denied for care credit & no one is willing/able to do payment plans. Every dental office I have spoken with has quotes outrageous prices.
I have 7 teeth that need removed & need immediate dentures. Which is 10-$30,000.

I have consulted Affordable dentures & they said to remove all mt top teeth, place immediate dentures & then place permanent denture once healing is done would cost $2380. AND could be done SAME DAY!!!

Im at a total loss. Affordable dentures is going to be the quickest, easiest & cheapest route. I have teeth that are shattered & others barley HANGING in there..... Due to my MST that happened during deployment the quicker I can get it done with less appointments the better as it does trigger past issues.