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This page is created to be a community board for veterans to reach out to their neighbors who can lend a hand with a ride, a job, clothing, food or furniture.
If you are looking for financial help you must fill out the Vet By Need form>>. Any post requesting help with money will be deleted by the administrator.
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    Hi my name is Ashton I'm a vet here in hinesville GA I was fired from my job because the owner found someone who will work for free and I've been waiting over a month for unemployment and have gotten no where and have been without groceries for a week now I just need a little assistance until I can get my unemployment sorted out thank you

    Have you received some help?


      Hi sadly no I have not but I could really use some help all I'm asking is for just a little help with groceries I've applied for both food stamps and unemployment and haven't heard anything in about a month and it's getting really difficult to scrounge for enough cash to afford a meal every now and then


        Hi Ashton,

        I am new at this... so please bear with me.
        Can you please provide the names of a couple of grocery stores near you. Like Safeway, Kroger, etc.

        PS: I was in the Army, 82nd Airborne. Did my time in Vietnam, 66-67.


          Yes sir Mr. Ed

          The only stores that are local to me are food Lion,save a lot, and Walmart market place. I have to walk to the so my choices are very limited

          My step dad was with the 82nd
          I ended up getting stationed at 3ID
          I was infantry
          I thank you so much for everything you do and did to help pave the way for me to have a future so that I could serve this great country


            Hi Ashton,

            Walmart works. I need to figure out how to send you the link for the gift card.
            If I put it here... someone else could grab it.
            The best option would be an email that can be used to have Walmart sent it directly to you. But you would need to be ok with letting me know that email.
            You do not want to start getting emails from everyone who may see it. :-(
            One way is to create a burner email account through gmail and let me know that email. That way any junk emails goes there and does not fill up your regular email account. And your regular email account is kept private.
            I have a burner email account:
            You can send me the email I to my burner email account as well.

            Let me know what you think.


            • Ashtonwilts
              Ashtonwilts commented
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              Hey Mr Ed just wanted to let you know I've emailed you with this email. Thank you so much for your help


            Hi Mr. Ed

            Yes sir that sounds like a fantastic idea I will email you shortly. I just want to say thank you so much for what you are doing you have no idea how much this means to me.


              You should receive an email from Walmart.
              Good luck to you.
              Hope you soon receive the government resources you need at this trying time.