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Neighbors helping Neighbors

This page is created to be a community board for veterans to reach out to their neighbors who can lend a hand with a ride, a job, clothing, food or furniture.
If you are looking for financial help you must fill out the Vet By Need form>>. Any post requesting help with money will be deleted by the administrator.
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New Roofing

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    New Roofing

    Robertsdale Alabama - Anyone close by that can put together a team to help reroof my sons apartment. The apartment is bedind our home on the same property. He has fragile X syndrome and will always have to be here with us as at 40, his mental status is of a 12 year old. I applied on the help a vet but it is proabley a no go seeing as how that was 2 days ago and no has called After filling out the form and submitting the screen read someone would contact me with in 24 hours. That is why I say it is a no go. I have a quote from a local roofing company for $6000 but just don't have it. Also my wife had a Liver Transplant in July of this year so the Bills are killing me.

    Tony, I’m sorry no one has gotten back with you earlier. I just signed up today and realized we are in the same area. I live in Foley. I can’t really help with the cost but I’ll be more than happy to help with the labor. You might check with Lowe’s to see if they will donate the materials. In the meantime I will call some people I know to see if they can help with materials or labor


      Seek your friend's help maybe they can help in finding local roofers near who can help you in this matter.


        Thanks to Cindy and Gretchen, codeofvets is now running a campaign on twitter to help me in the roofing issue. help spread the word.